Exhibition open from February 1st till February 28th 2019 

 Destiny always seems to carry an unknown plan that continuously eludes us all. With this personal exhibition, Damian explores facets of his art that were not planned in a thematic manner but very much portray an approach of chance and exploration of what are amongst the more important elements of his thoughts and emotions. The selected paintings for this collection were chosen from various works produced between 2016 and 2018. This will be his 17th solo exhibition. His works were first exhibited at the Museum of Fine Arts in Valletta in 1994.

‘When Destiny Lingers’ offers us a glimpse of some of the artist’s visions that surface to the physical world through his art. Ebejer hints that “Searching for the true meaning of why I create such works has forever eluded me. Once a work is completed I let it go, however the love that dwells within the painting remains forever. For me the reason behind the first brush strokes at the onset of creating a painting is as mysterious as the universe; I have no idea to what end result I will be working.” Destiny is unknown and this urges and pushes Ebejer to create what is equally unknown to him.

In Ebejer’s words, this exhibition is about, “Finding the abstract in life, both the seen and the unseen. I am what I create. I am not terribly interested in portraying the reality I see outside myself; I search for a collective beauty, entangled with the ugly and chaotic, in order to compose a subconscious recognition of fascinating order.”

Besides working on his personal creations, Damian is also a poet and muralist and has completed a large number of murals and ceiling paintings locally and abroad including the ceilings of both the large front rooms at this very location. He is currently finalizing his writings for the publication of his next book of poems.


1st February – 28th February 

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