Christmas Culinary Celebrations at Palazzo de Piro

With a culinary celebration of food and Christmas cheer, the Infinitely Xara Group is organising an array of events during the festivities, both for corporate companies and for those who to enjoy the festivities with friends and family but do not feel like going through the stress and hassle of organising and cooking. Palazzo de Piro, decorated to fit its noble splendour and grandeur in the medieval city of Mdina, will be hosting a Christmas Eve Dinner, a Christmas Day Buffet Lunch, A New Year’s Eve Dinner and a New Year’s Day Lunch. We are practically covering all the big celebrations of the Festive Season, and what more can you ask for than spending those magical nights in the beautiful, historic city of Mdina, the former capital of Malta, surrounded by magnificent architecture and the narrow winding streets of Mdina lit up with Christmas lights.

Have a look below at the exclusive menus that we are offering this year, and if you’d like to check out our sister properties you can also visit what we are organising at The Xara Lodge, The de Mondion Restaurant and The Medina Restaurant, which are all situated a stone’s throw away from Palazzo de Piro.

Make sure you get to savour your event during this festive season, stress-free, and leave everything in the hands of our award-winning team from Infinitely Xara. To find out more about the diverse range of events we offer for both corporate and celebratory occasions in Malta, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us on +356 21 450 560, send an email on, fill in the form below or message us on our respective Facebook and Instagram pages.

New Years Eve Dinner set up at Palazzo de Piro with golden helium balloons

Allow us to surprise, indulge, and nourish you during the coming festive times.

Christmas Eve Dinner Menu
Christmas Lunch Menu
New Year's Eve Dinner Menu
New Year's Lunch Menu
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