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Palazzo de Piro


Malta in Splashes – Olga Dmitryeva

During the month of July, Palazzo de Piro will host another exhibition of water colour paintings by Olga Dmitriyeva. Hailing from Kazakhstan, Olga lived in Europe for many years. Having lived in seven countries and visited over 50, she loves to keep diaries on which she enjoys sketching. These scores of notebooks now contain hundreds of sketches and drawings from countries she visited.

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01/07/2019 – 30/07/2019

Summer Impressions – Anastasia Pace

Some works of art immediately catch the eye. This is definitely the case with the paintings of artist Anastasia Pace, who has been living in Malta since 2005. Anastasia, who is of Polish origins, describes her style as being a ‘Colour Reverie’ which highlights the use of vibrant colour and allegory which goes beyond mere fantasy into the mythological.

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