Oħlomli Ħolma – A Collective Art Exhibition

06/03/2020 – 30/04/2020

42 - A Collective Art Exhibition at Palazzo de Piro - Mark Schembri

Following the success of last year’s fund raising, St Albert the Great College Staff and Friends have come together again this year to go bigger and bolder. This year the encouraging number of 42 artists will be participating all for a good cause with the money collected going towards the social fund Fond tal-Ħbieb managed by the college through which students who are underprivileged are given a helping hand. Participating artists have been in the local art scene for a number of years and will offer a wonderful array of colours and techniques to spoil the eye. Palazzo de Piro offered the exhibition rooms for two months to this creative group. There will be two launches, one in March and the other in April.
Anthony Agius, Joseph Agius on ceramics, Philip Agius, Svetlana Agius, Alfred Aquilina, Joseph G. Borg, Grace Borg, Tanya Borg, Tessie Borg, Josette Casha, Joanna Dounis, Matthew Cassar, Vince Cassar, Marianne Cirillo, Rossella Dalmas, Darren Dykstra, Joanna Fenech Portelli, Charlene Galea with photography, Paul Galea and Debbie Bonello and Johanna Barthet, previous exhibitors at Palazzo de Piro, will start on the 6th of March 2020.

There will be a second launch of 21 artists on Friday 3rd April 2020 from Robert Galea, Annmarie Gatt, Vania Goshe, Biljana Kitanouska, Doris Mangion, Nina Maneuska, Sharon Mc Leon, Anthony Mamo, Audrey Mercieca, Mark Muscat, Sara Pace, Lorraine Paris, Maria Somers, Mark Schembri,Andrew Smith, Pats Spiteri, Nuntia, Anthony Vella, Anthony P. Vella, Carmen Vella Gauci, and ending with Alison Zammit Endrich.

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