Għeruq Tfuliti – Joseph G Borg

02/09/2019 – 30/09/2019

Palazzo de Piro

Joseph G. Borg has been interested in art from a very young age, painting ‘still life’ and portraiture of his family, siblings and school mates. He was influenced by the late Joseph Borg Xuereb, his primary school teacher. He also studied under the care of Toni Calleja for some years. He continued his studies at the Malta School of Art in Valletta and took part in various collective exhibitions and his work is found in private collections.

Joseph’s inspirations come from his natural surrounding and his inner emotions. “Għeruq Tfuliti” (My Childhood Roots) makes him excited and fascinated by the spontaneity, originality and pleasure he shared out of the games he played and the duties he had to perform in an innocent childlike way. This helped him gain responsibilities and true friendship. Helping each other was a way of life, for him. Washing and hanging the clothes, helping in the garden are just two duties or rather games taught by his parents when he was young. He cherishes these memories. For Joseph these glorious, innocent moments had to be recorded and painted.

His childhood environment also made an impact on Joseph, where poverty and helping the underdog was a reality for him.

The theme of this exhibition “My Childhood Roots” is a reliving of Joseph G. Borg experience – a testimony of what life was like when he was young.

Joseph choice of Palazzo de Piro as a venue for his exhibition is symbolic of what this palace stands for – a beautiful place hosting a unique Museum of art and artefact- A place that evokes memories of the past.

Għeruq Tfuliti will be on at Palazzo de Piro from the 2nd till the 30th of September.

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